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Procedure of shipping vehicle with Ship Hawaii

Regardless the Carrier choice, general procedures of shipping a car with Ship Hawaii are same. They are also applicable for other vehicles too.

1. At the initiating your shipping procedure you should make a reservation; usually it is required to drop off your wanted vehicle at the port.

2. Your vehicle should be clean and not leaking any sorts of fluids, or else Ship Hawaii might refuse to ship it. You can wax the vehicle’s outside, to protect it from water and salty air.

3. Remove all extra parts which are not installed in factory, such as, roof rack or speakers. You can keep child car seats and spare tire.

4. If your vehicle has car alarm, disconnect the alarm to protect car battery and also from crating any unwanted noise problems.

5. Bring following documents at Ship Hawaii when you drop off your vehicle at the port:

a. Any document of booking reservation which is determined by Ship Hawaii

b. Driving license

c. Current registration card of your vehicle

d. Any valid document of ownership (if necessary)

e. If you are leasing or financing the vehicle, lien holder’s permission to ship the vehicle may be necessary.

f. Copies of all keys of your vehicle. Do not provide any original copy.

g. Clearly mention the name, address and other information of consignee in contract.

6. When you want to pick up your vehicle from the port, you need to make reservation again.

7. Bring following documents while picking up your vehicle at the Port.:

a. Any proof of vehicle’s arrival which is accepted by Ship Hawaii

b. Valid driving license

8. Save your bill of lading (shipping receipt), which contains the date of picking up your vehicle. You’ll need this document to register your vehicle in Hawaii.

9. Purchase valid insurance for your vehicle. It is mandatory in Hawaii.

10. Submit your vehicle (for a state required safety inspection) to a Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection (PMVI) station

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