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carriers to ship car to hawaii


Your vehicle will travel most of its path on an open car hauler.

These types of carriers are used to move new cars to automobile dealers. This is the safest and standard way to transfer car/motorcycle from place to place.

As per D.O.T regulations, these types of vehicles have a permitted weight limit which is about 80,000 lbs. Standard capacity of these carriers is up to 10 cars. So it is important to know that your car should not be weighted more than 2,500 lbs as the truck itself weights 45,000 lbs excluding the SUVs. If you really need to leave something inside of your car it shouldn’t weight too much.

Ship Hawaii also uses enclosed carrier which is remarkably safer and also more costly.

An enclosed hauler has the capacity of 4-6 cars have some modern technology enabled system like hydraulic gate to ease the loading and unloading procedure.

These vehicles uses nylon wheel strap that provides a cushion like function this soft tie down process add an extra layer of care to your car/motor-bike.

Given the height and length of these carriers you can easily understand its inability of these carriers to travel through rural areas and through those areas with lower bridges or narrow roads.

You can get your vehicle at your predefined place with the help of a driver or you can use a local flat-bed service for pick-up or delivery. But if you are determined to use an enclosed carrier  to ship vehicle to Hawaii (or any other place) please feel free to contact us for further discussion.

Before you ship your car to hawaii!

Ship Hawaii is a “Turn Key” vehicle shipping company but  there are some things you should know.

We only transport your motor vehicle such as car motorcycle truck etc in either an open carrier or in an enclosed carrier.  We do not help customer to relocate their household and we also do not transport passengers.

We serve our customers to transport their automobiles within USA and we also ship cars to and from USA Islands. We help our valued customers to fill out all the necessary papers in order to transport their vehicle accordingly.

Our agent will help you to estimate the cost of transporting your vehicle to a given place. But remember this estimation is not universal. Estimated cost may vary significantly depending upon the size, route, and vehicle condition, pickup and drop off location and season.

The estimation always differs from customer to customer. We do not provide estimation with a fixed chart. If you want to know the costs of your shipping feel free to call our agents or contact through our web site.

Ship Hawaii does NOT ship to South or Central America or to other Caribbean countries. Just From and To Hawaii. 

We also do not operate our services in Mexico.

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Why you should choose us

If you are looking for security, reliablility and competitive pricing to transport your vehicle, count on us.

Car Freight, Inc. with offices in South Florida, has over 20 years experience in vehicle transportation and we have a team of professionals who will help and guide you every step of the process so that you are confident that your vehicle is in good hands.