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packing your car to ship to hawaii

How to Pack your Vehicle for Ship Hawaii car shipping:

Remember! Transporting other items inside a vehicle is only permitted within the USA. But you can always have your vehicle transport to Hawaii with simple personal belongings (blanket, Bed cover, clothes) inside the trunk.

Always try to retain the weight of other items within the safe limit of 100 lbs. Excessive weight can damage your car and you may end up with a fine. So every time you ship your vehicle to Hawaii or other places check the weight of your luggage.

Also, remember – your vehicle may be held up because of bad weather so is recommended you do not leave any important items inside the vehicle.

Furthermore, because transporting items inside of a vehicle is only permitted inside of USA, leaving any external items inside of your car/vehicle if you want to ship it to another country may prevent your shipment from getting there.

Before you ship your car to hawaii!

Ship Hawaii is a “Turn Key” vehicle shipping company but there are some things you should know.

We only transport your motor vehicle such as car, motorcycle, truck, etc. in either an open carrier or in an enclosed carrier. We do not help customer to relocate their household and we also do not transport passengers.

We serve our customers to transport their automobiles within USA and we also ship cars to and from USA Islands. We help our valued customers to fill out all the necessary papers in order to transport their vehicle accordingly.

Our agent will help you to estimate the cost of transporting your vehicle to a given place. But remember this estimation is not universal. Estimated cost may vary significantly depending upon the size, route, and vehicle condition, pickup and drop off location and season.

The estimation always differs from customer to customer. We do not provide estimation with a fixed chart. If you want to know the costs of your shipping feel free to call our agents or contact us through our web site.

Ship Hawaii does NOT ship to South or Central America or to other Caribbean countries. Ship Hawaii ONLY ships TO and FROM Hawaii.