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Preparing your vehicle for shipment

No Disabled Vehicles - Your vehicle must be in safe operating condition with inflated tires, fully operational brakes, transmission and steering. All vehicles will be inspected upon delivery to ShipHawaii. If a vehicle is not in safe operating condition, it will not be accepted for shipment.

Required Dimensions/Ground Clearance - The vehicle cannot exceed 21'8” length, 8' height, 7' width. All vehicles must have at least 6” of ground. Remember that you car have to fit on the container.

Keys - You must provide ShipHawaii with keys to the ignition, trunk, gas cap and any locked compartment. Please have copies of your keys made and leave only the copies (keep your original set of keys) after you have checked to ensure that the copies fit all devices/compartments.

Don’t Fill Your Tank - Since gasoline is flammable, we require that your tank be no more than ¼ full for unleaded vehicles. It is a Coast Guard regulation for your vehicle to be under a quarter tank. Diesel fuel vehicles need not follow these requirements.

Don’t Pack Anything in Your Vehicle - No personal items, luggage or boxes may be shipped inside the passenger area or trunk. An infant car seat and spare tire with jack are considered to be integral parts of the vehicle, so they may be included. You will be asked to remove anything that is not permanently mounted or bolted to the vehicle.

Vehicle must be clean inside and out - To ensure an accurate vehicle inspection report can be completed, please clean your vehicle inside and out. If you’re shipping to Tacoma, Washington please take extra precaution to ensure that your vehicle is clean beneath the fender wells and free of any “caked on” dirt. Agricultural rules for Washington are strict about the transportation of foreign soil or dirt into the Washington environment. For all vehicles heading to Tacoma, Washington we do state that vehicle needs to be extremely clean as the Washington State Ag. will screen all incoming vehicles and fine up to $375 if the vehicle is deemed dirty.

Remote Key for disarm/Disconnect Alarm Systems - The alarm system remote must be included with your keys. If not turned in, the Vehicle alarm systems must be disconnected.

Don’t Pack Firearms or Fire Extinguishers - No firearms, ammunition of any type or fire extinguishers may be shipped in a vehicle.

Delayed Shipments -All vehicles are subject to delayed shipment in the event of a full ship environment and could be assigned to a ship leaving later than the requested sailing date.

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