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Cost to ship vehicle to hawaii

Preparedness of vehicle for shipment through Ship Hawaii

Whenever you think about the shipment of your vehicle through Ship Hawaii, you must consider the preparedness of the vehicle during shipping. Preparing your vehicle well will ensure your vehicle arrives at the destination in a good condition.

1. Weather protection: If you want to ship your vehicle from a low temperature place or to a high temperature place then you should give extra concern about the parts, such as battery, radiators etc. of your vehicle because low temperature can cause damage to these parts.

2. Fuel safety: Fuel such as petrol, diesel, octane and gasoline etc. are highly flammable. So it is better to keep fuel in your tank at a minimum level (usually no more than one fourth of the capacity). Don’t empty up your tank. You should keep fuel in your tank at a level so that a driver can drive your car/motor bike from destination terminal to the nearest service station. If your vehicle has propane or diesel tank, you should contact Ship Hawaii authority for further instructions.

3. Integral and non integral parts: When you want to ship your vehicle, you should be informed that, any other items except for integral part of your vehicle such as luggage, boxes etc. are not allowed in the car. Since car seats and tires are integral part of the vehicles they do not fall under these criteria.

4. No offensive weapon or fire extinguisher: External items especially any kind of firearms, ammunition or fire extinguishers in the vehicle are completely ban and cannot be ship.

5. Vehicle must be in an operable condition: You should bring a vehicle in a good condition to ship with Ship Hawaii. The vehicle should have good operating condition, inflated tires, fully operational brakes and steering. Every vehicle will be tested before shipment. If any fault have found, then the ship will not be accepted for shipment.

6. Ground clearance: For your information, a six inches ground clearance is needed for anyone shipping with Ship Hawaii.

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