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Cost to ship vehicle to hawaii


When you want to ship a vehicle through Ship Hawaii, you must meet some required items:

1. At first you should make duplicate keys for the locks of all the parts such as ignition, trunk, gas cap, glove compartment and any locked compartment of your vehicle. After checking the functionality of each duplicate keys provide them to Ship Hawaii agent.

2. You should provide original vehicle registration and title to Ship Hawaii. We will make copies of the original documents and return them to you.

3. If your vehicle is currently financed or leased then you might be required to bring a notarized letter from the lien holder, granting permission to ship the vehicle.

4. When you want to ship the vehicle but you are not the owner, you have to bring a notarized letter of authorization from the owner. If the vehicle is co-owned, the signature of both owners is required.

5. When you declare a person who will receive the vehicle, you must have to submit the photo of that person.

6. Especially if you want to ship vehicle to Hawaii and the vehicle is co-owned; both owners must be presented at delivery moment. If only one owner is present, a notarized authorization letter is required from the absent owner.

7. Vehicles delivery can be delayed due to full ship environment. Your vehicle might arrive later than the specified time as soon as another ship can take it.

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